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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Welcome to my first blog, I’m delighted you have taken some time for yourself to visit my website and read this today it is greatly appreciated.

I’m not normally a person who engages a lot with social media nor am I very vocal online. However, I do use social media to inspire me and find my tribe where I can connect with like-minded people who encourage and support one another.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

I often read inspirational quotes whilst online and a while ago, this quote really resonated with me so much. The words acted as the catalyst in bringing me to where I am today in beginning my engagement with you online by writing this first blog and developing my “Serotonin Solutions” practice.

Coming from the city of Derry/Londonderry and having been fortunate enough to live and work in Dublin and the USA, I have seen so many people live with mental health problems. They shared a belief of being stuck with this feeling permanently; never escaping or being able to break free from a cycle of negative thought and emotions.

I experienced this first hand a few years ago and watched people close to me take the same path. Whilst I always had great empathy for those who were struggling, I often felt so helpless. I therefore wanted to show people there was a way back to having good mental health and finding true contentment and happiness in life.

Upon reading this quote, I knew I just could not sit on the sidelines anymore. I was seeing increasing numbers in mental health problems not only in my own city, but also on a national and global scale with mental health problems reaching pandemic level.

There are 120,000 people in Northern Ireland alone on the waiting list to receive mental health support that can take over a year to access.

Over these past couple of years, I have been learning, developing, being formally trained and acquiring the necessary experience to successfully qualify as a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.

I know from practical first-hand experience what works and what does not work. Whilst there’s no set rules for everyone due to our individuality, one thing for sure is that it is a minefield out there trying to navigate your way through all the well-intentioned guides saying what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do. This can be confusing and complicated especially when we are at our lowest and concentration levels may not be at their best.

In response to this, I have developed "Serotonin Solutions" to help those who are struggling or indeed those who have good mental health and wish to maintain it. Whilst I do not claim to have all the answers, I certainly have the ability to give a helping hand, a listening ear and provide effective support techniques and resources to help improve mental health and overall well-being.

So if you are struggling, then I hope this blog let's you know you are not alone. One in four of us will have mental health problems as some stage of life, so I’m sure if this doesn’t affect you personally then you certainly will know or be close to someone that does.

Through my upcoming communications, I will begin to show you that how you are feeling now doesn’t have to be permanent. I will show how there is a way through and it’s never too late to start and take a different path to the one you are currently on, breaking through from the never ending negative cycle you may find yourself in.

I welcome you to visit my website and social media pages where I will be sharing my learning, as well as providing useful resources, and inspiration to help start the journey back to our true self finding peace, contentment and happiness along the way.

Links to my website are on the bio section of my social media pages and at the end of this so please feel free to also share this with anyone whom you think could benefit.

I look forward to engaging with you soon!

Take care.

Tara x

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