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What are the benefits?

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What are the benefits?

Shorter Duration

Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy provides a tailored and adaptive approach best suited to your individual needs. This type of therapy offers a relatively shorter period to effectively treat behavioural issues exacerbated by Anxiety and depression. I typically see clients on average between 8-12 sessions (each client may differ). I support clients for fears and phobias during a course of four sessions with only one session required for smoking cessation, which takes approximately 2 hours.

Forward focused

Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy is not an analysis on the events of our past; it instead looks at your present situation and your future. Some therapies do involve a deep analysis of the past and for some this is appropriate and may be what they prefer. However, for others a different approach may be much more beneficial.

Use of proven effective techniques

During therapy, I will use talking therapy techniques proven over time to be highly effective in their ability to achieve positive and sustained change. This will be an insightful and enjoyable experience. Within my sessions, the focus will not be on painful past memories, but instead on your present and the future life you wish to achieve.

In addition to these, I have the tremendous advantage of using hypnosis, which is a natural state of trance and is truly powerful in accessing the solutions that lie within you to bring about positive change in your life.

Clients experiencing Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy treatments learn to create new patterns of behaviours that allow a more positive and solutions focused outlook. Due to increased flows of Serotonin resulting from treatments clients can expect to notice some or all of the benefits below:



These benefits are accessed by a collaborative approach where I will work with you to guide you through the therapy process developing techniques to support your success.