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Believe in the Magic of New Beginnings


I was watching the 'Lion King' yesterday one of my favourites, as even though its over 20 years old, I always take away some learning or inspiration from it with every watch. The movie is much more than a children's cartoon.. The story provides so much insight, inspiration and understanding on how we move through life that communicates to across all ages and walk of life should we choose to listen and learn its teachings.

As we walk through this life certain events and experiences will shape and determine the person we are right now and the person that we can become. This can be either positive or negative depending on our interpretation of the life unfolding in front of us.

"As you go through life, you will see that there is so much that we don’t understand. And the only thing we know is things don’t always go the way we plan." (Simba, The Lion King)

For some of us the traumatic and sad events in our lives are the catalyst that drives positive change in our ability to do better, to be better and to help others.

While others look for what they can take, a true king gives back" (Mufasa, The Lion King).

For others we see this as a confirmation on how challenging and hard life can be. We tell ourselves that we will never be happy, or become the person we most truly want to be and live the life that we long to live.

Instead of thriving in life we go into a survival mode, just getting by, putting up walls and living within the cocoon of limiting thoughts and behaviours we have created for ourselves.

I remind myself daily, I'm my mothers daughter and come from a line of strong human beings who survived for generations. I've evolved from love and have so much love within me to carry on so generations ahead of me will also thrive..

However for me, this was not always the case, and it was only from looking inside and realising who I truly was that provided me with the inspiration and self worth to begin a path to live the life I've always wanted to live. I'm not there yet, but I'm enjoying the path and know I will reach it if I continue to keep moving forward through the good and bad times..

So who do you see when you look in the mirror?..

What's your past holding you back from?...

What self limiting beliefs are you telling yourself on a daily basis that are preventing you from realising who you truly are and becoming the most authentic version of yourself?

We have been taught to believe that happiness can be found in the future... I'll be happy when I get a new car.. Be a certain weight.. Get a new job.. the list is endless...

But true happiness does not exist externally for any extended period of time its ephemeral....

The dopamine soon passes fleetingly and we seek our next fix in the form of the next purchase, job, relationship, car, online purchase. these things often requiring a bigger dopamine hit than the last..

The true happiness that stays around is found within us..

Where the dopamine is replaced by Serotonin instead...

This is the kind of happiness we feel when we are thinking acting and interacting as our true authentic shelves.

Easter often reminds us of the importance of new beginnings.. The chick breaking out of the egg.. If you are religious then you see it as a time of hope,.. Easter regardless of which symbolism we place on it is the belief that brighter days are ahead..

We have come through the hibernation and rest stage of it's time to step out into the great wide open and embrace the potential of new opportunity.. The belief that no matter how dark our winter has been we can arise and take the first step towards the life we want to live..

So recognise the value in this time of year... Give yourself the gift of 5 or 10 mins today to have the time to reflect..... take a few deep breath s to quieten our minds - with our exhales being longer than our inhales... After 3-4 of these we notice our bodies begin to relax... Take another few more until we have reached 10..

Now we ask ourselves if we knew we couldn't fail... What would we do?

What would we be thinking of?... What would we be doing?... Who would be in our lives and not in our lives? ....What negative limiting behaviours and thoughts would we have freed ourselves from?

The answer might not come instantly, but give yourselves time.. Keep questioning, as deep down inside we know the true authentic version of ourselves we wish to be... Quite often it links back to our hopes and dreams as a child.. when our imagination stretched beyond any limitations or negative thoughts we have trained our mind to believe and become.

Our true purpose in this life is to become the most authentic version of ourselves and lead a fulfilling life enjoying the here and now, not worrying about a future that may never come, or living in a past we can not change

"Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice

but to believe with you."

(Mufasa, The Lion King).

This is how we break free of the negative cycle using small daily more positive practices that bring us joy and happiness and in doing so we discover our true worth, our true joy and learn to love ourselves and others around us in complete abundance...

So today believe in the magic of new beginnings... Keep questioning ourselves... How much time do we truly spend doing what we love? Do we take any time to ourselves? Are we surrounding ourselves with people who bring us joy and energise us or who instead leave us feeling sad or drained.

"To change the past is a big order, but you can change the future" (Mufasa, The Lion King).

To find out more and take the first steps towards this journey to our authentic selves get in touch or visit my website pages for further information and helpful resources.

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