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Life's Lessons

I was taking down the Christmas decorations recently and it was something I was dreading doing.. However, life always has a way of sending us lessons when we least expect it… this lesson came in the form of having to detangle the ribbon on a Christmas wreath....

I removed the Christmas wreath from the door to notice the Christmas ribbon attached to the wreath was tangled in knots.. It was so tangled that I didn't know which direction to unwind it to untangle the ribbon again... I began spinning the ribbon to the left and it didn't seem to work, then I started spinning the ribbon in the opposite direction which want making a difference either way... I decided to just let it go to spin naturally... and as I was standing watching the wreath untangle itself naturally, a thought came to me....

Sometimes in life we try to force things in the direction we think is right... however, if we over think it, no matter what direction we try to go, this only adds complexity to the whole process.

The answer is to always just let go take the next step forward and trust that we know instinctively and naturally how to unravel ourselves. We just need to stop… rest.. and not to over think as the answers and the direction will naturally come to us the minute we begin to relax into it, breathe, stay calm and trust there's a bigger picture that's moving us in the right way with everything working out just the way it should…

So what are you holding onto that you need to let go of or stop overthinking about?

Such an important time to think about this as we begin a new year…

Perhaps this week, consider what might be if we give ourselves this time to think about that and see what happens when we stop thinking about why life is difficult or uneasy right now and instead, think about the daily positives, the lessons we can learn from this and the possibilities that exist in our lives that we can explore on a daily basis.

These can be big or small…starting off with gratitude will give us more courage and motivation to move in a new direction and change our perceptions....give ourselves the gift of time to try this just even one time this week to see the difference it makes… I'm sure you will be glad you did

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