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What are the benefits?













In addition to these, I have the tremendous advantage of using hypnosis, which is a natural state of trance and is truly powerful in accessing the solutions that lie within you to bring about positive change in your life.

Clients experiencing Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy treatments learn to create new patterns of behaviours that allow a more positive and solutions focused outlook. Due to increased flows of Serotonin resulting from treatments clients can expect to notice some or all of the benefits below:




· Improved sleep patterns – increased energy, drive and motivation

· Positive thought patterns reducing limiting self-beliefs

· Solution focused and increased awareness in availing of new opportunities

· Improved confidence, self-esteem and resilience

· Accessing increased creativity

· Feeling more calm and in control of behaviours and emotions

· Stress reduction

· Improved digestion and regulation of appetite

· An overall sense of contentment and happiness.

These benefits are accessed by a collaborative approach where I will work with you to guide you through the therapy process developing techniques to support your success.

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