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Not feeling myself and the feeling of losing the happy, calm person I was with constant negativity which was paralysing me physically and emotionally. This is where Tara, whom I credit with hugely for helping me manage and understand my thoughts by helping me clear the negativity in just a few sessions. These sessions steered my mind in a positive direction, away from feeling unhappy, anxious and overwhelmed. As each session progressed I realised I was standing in my own way, with a mindset of feeling trapped in negativity until hypnosis, after a few sessions helped me focus more on my way of thinking and how I was feeling and treating myself. Hypnosis cleared a pathway for me and allowed me to focus on my coping mechanism.

Tara, whom out of pure passion helped me understand and change these aspects of my life because once my outlook changed I could now see how powerful the mind is and I was finally returning to the person I always was. I am so grateful for Tara and wanted to share my journey with others and hope more people get help from hypnosis because it is life changing.


I undertook some hypnotherapy treatment with Tara just before lock down commenced. 

I'm glad I did, as the techniques I learned have been very beneficial to me in these stressful times.

Tara has a lovely calm and tranquil manner and puts you at ease - I really looked forward to our weekly sessions.

I have just finished the programme with Tara and it has been the best thing that I have done for my personal development.  I have gained tools and techniques that I feel able to apply to my life in order to get the best out of everyday.  The combination of weekly sessions, daily trance recordings and Tara's genuine caring personality meant that I really enjoyed the whole process and have come away with a much more positive approach to the future.


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