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Sandy Beach

How hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking for good

Smoking Cessation

  • How is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy different to other types of hypnotherapy?
    Unlike other forms of Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses a specific structure, which incorporates modern Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) techniques proven for their effectiveness and combines these with an understanding of how the brain works, in combination with using hypnosis. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is also different, as it doesn’t require an analysis of past events and behaviours. Instead, the focus is on the present and formulating plans and goals for the preferred future that the client would like to achieve.
  • What is Hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is a very natural state of trance. We go into trance several times a day; research confirms this occurs every seven minutes. We go into trance when we are engrossed in a good film or reading a book, or when we go into “autopilot” during a journey and sometimes do not realise how we passed certain points. Daydreaming is also form of hypnosis as is the state experienced directly on entering and leaving sleep. What is so powerful about this state is that it quietens our minds and allows our conscious and subconscious mind to come together. In doing this, we are allowing an aligned focus on ideas, suggestions, and information presented to realise our true potential and goals. MRI scanners confirm that when we are in a state of trance we are accessing a very important part of the brain that deals with learning, decision making, error detection and creative thinking. Best of all it is a very easy natural state to achieve that is available to everyone.
  • What can I expect during a typical session?
    My approach to therapy is specifically client focused where I guide and encourage you to discover your own inherit unique ability to bring about the change you want to experience. You will not be alone in your journey to achieve these goals as you and I will work together on bringing your forward to your goals and more away from the issues you are having in your present circumstances. Less focus on the past and negative aspects of your life, towards a greater attention on your present circumstances and future goals. A typical session will follow the steps below: · Time to discuss what’s brought you to Serotonin Solutions and what you would like to achieve. · An explanation of how our brain works in terms of why we feel the way we do and more importantly, what we can do so we can feel better. · An outline of how solution focused hypnotherapy works and the knowledge and assurance that you do have the inner untapped strength and resources available to reach your true potential. · Positive questioning techniques to enable you to access an increased flow of serotonin focusing your mind on solutions and clarity on the steps you can take to achieve your goals · Setting tangible and actionable goals. · Hypnosis, which will help lower anxiety and help your mind switch to ‘solution focused mode’. · I will then provide you with a CD or digital download to listen to that will enable greater sleep quality as well as re affirm the motivation and goal setting solutions you have chosen to move towards your chosen positive outcomes.
  • Will I remain in control of my thoughts and behaviours?
    “There are no magic wands or special mind tricks used by a Hypnotherapist” Television and stage shows have led to a common belief that Hypnotherapy is simply “done” onto people and the Hypnotherapist can simply hypnotise a problem away by controlling someone’s mind or using a magic wand to remove unwanted emotions and behavioural patterns that exist in the mind. This is not the case; hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation and cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. Instead, Hypnotherapy will allow you access to your subconscious mind to unlock the solutions and the true potential that lies within you to deal with your current issues and become the best version of yourself that you aspire to be.
  • Are there any side effects?
    There is not one case on record of anyone being harmed because of, or through hypnosis when used ethically by a trained professional. After the session, most people feel relaxed and calm however still able to perform any task or duty such as driving or working. Clients can also experience a very pleasant energy increase after the session, feeling motivated and empowered with the belief that they are bringing such positive change and happiness into their lives.
  • How long does it take?
    Everyone is an individual and the number of sessions required can vary. On average, I would see clients for 8-12 one-hour sessions. Smoking cessation is 1 session only (2 hour duration) and a fear or a phobia will require 4 sessions (one hour each session). My sessions are normally scheduled to start weekly however can be reduced to fortnightly or monthly as you feel is appropriate over time.
  • What is Serotonin?
    Serotonin is the most important chemical messenger sent through our bodies whenever we carry out positive behaviours such as having positive thoughts, actions or interactions. Our brain will receive this information, perceive we are not in any danger, and provide a constant flow of “rest and digest” hormones through our body. With serotonin being one of these feel good hormones along with our endorphins noradrenaline and dopamine. The importance of serotonin is that it is a coping mechanism. It carries out many processes throughout your body, from regulating your mood to promoting smooth digestion. It helps us cope with day-to-day activities, helps us feel calm, have a positive outlook and feel motivated. With a constant flow of Serotonin, we also sleep better, our appetite is regulated and we have improved digestion. In addition to this is enables us to feel braver enabling us to cope with physical fear and physical pain. When we have a constant flow of serotonin we are calm happy and resilient. Therefore, at serotonin solutions I will help you to re discover your true self and find the solutions that lie within you to access this constant flow of serotonin empowering you to achieve the life you truly want to live. If you have any more questions or would like further information, just get in touch my contact details are below or link to contact page)

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