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Focus Groups

Serotonin Solutions to Unlock Your True Authentic Self (4 Weeks)

Do you feel as if you are just “Surviving” through day to day life rather than “thriving”?


In this series of classes, you will discover how we become locked in our “survival” mode potentially experiencing anxiety, depression anger or a combination of all three. When in this "survival" mode you will see how we can limit ourselves to see the true solutions and opportunities that guide us to become our true authentic selves and lead the life we aspire to.


You will understand what Serotonin is and how the varying levels of serotonin that we have can limit on our ability to thrive and be our true self.


Once you have this understanding we will look at various “Serotonin Solutions” that you can access to discover your true potential and move from surviving to thriving, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and more in control of your thoughts and emotions.


Serotonin Solutions for Stress and Anxiety Management (4 Weeks)

In this series of classes, you will learn what causes stress, why we feel stuck in a cycle of worry and stress and more importantly, what we can do about it.


We will use Solution Focused Therapy techniques to enable you to break free from the negative cycle of stress and using proven effective resources and techniques to ensure

you are able to manage and restrict stress to live a more positive life free from the limitations that stress can bring.


Serotonin Solutions for Successful Weight Management (4 Weeks)

Many of us have tried on several occasions to begin a healthy eating regime only for this to be derailed only a short while later once our will power disappears.  This is all very normal and whilst we know what we should be eating to help us manage our weight better, more often than not we resort to our old habits of eating the junk foods that we find ourselves craving.  This cycle is repeated over and over again with the same results achieved each time - we might loose some weight and inches, however this is quickly regained once we resort to our old habits.

What if instead of focusing what your are eating, you turned your attention to why you eat - what triggers these cravings and emotional responses to eat especially when you are not hungry?   This is the foundation that you need to understand and build into your weight management plan before you even begin to start on what you are eating.  Once you fully understand these emotions and triggers you will begin to regain control over these habits and emotions instead of them controlling you and continuing to derail every attempt you make.  This will reduce the focus on what you are eating as you will naturally start to eat foods that are good for your health and you will want to look after yourself and make this a long term lifestyle change instead of the quick fixes that haven't previously worked.

Within these four weeks you learn how to break free from this negative cycle to gain an understanding of why we overeat, especially when we know the healthy behaviours we should be undertaking and why we experience the guilt we feel afterwards.  


We will also use hypnotherapy to allow access to our subconscious mind to uncover the inherit solutions that lie within ourselves to enable this cycle of unhealthy eating patterns to stop, which will result in the weight management goals that you desire.


Please note: Hypnotherapy techniques used within these sessions are not “done” to you with a magic wand treatment that will allow you to simply stop eating certain foods. The focus here is on a long-term lifestyle change to improve your relationship with food and reduce the need to comfort and stress eat.



Sleep – Our Superpower for Success (4 Weeks)

Quality sleep has become the most underutlised resource we have to improve our well-being. Currently a global sleep loss epidemic due to modern faced paced lifestyles is having a significant impact on public health.


Sleep is described as the “Swiss army knife of medical health” (Professor Matthew Walker). High performing professionals in healthcare, sports, business, science and education all prioritise sleep to ensure it is a key element of their daily health care regime.

In this series of classes you will learn what happens when we sleep and why this process is so important for our health. You will learn what causes sleep deprivation and how this impacts our physical and mental health and performance.


We will then look at key “serotonin solutions” to improve sleep quality and start using sleep as your superpower in improving areas such as: lifespan, mindset, anxiety, depression, stress management and protecting our immune system to give ourselves the best chance to life a more energisied and fulfilled life

You will also be given a relaxation audio to improve the quality sleep patterns that you can continue to use to begin to discover how our sleep can positively impact our physical well-being and state of mind.

Weekly Relaxation Drop in Sessions

Within these weekly relaxation sessions, you will experience a guided relaxation where I will induce the natural state of trance. This very natural state will allow some focused time for the mind to quieten down your thoughts and focus on the areas that are important to your well-being.



If you would like to register your interest for one of these sessions just get in touch so I can provide more information on upcoming start dates that are tailored to group preferences.


Grief and Loss (4 Weeks)

Grief and loss is an inevitable part of life that all of us experience.  Whether its grieving the loss of a loved one or grieving a change in life circumstances such as the end of a marriage/relationship, loss of a job, loss of the person you used to be or a place you once lived.  Loss takes many forms and affects each of us in different ways depending on your previous life circumstances and current situation.

In this workshop series we will move through each of the emotions experienced by loss.  I will help you understand and become more aware of why you feel the way you do and help you define those first important steps that you can take to move through these difficult emotions.  As you learn more, we will begin to discover how you can re-frame and re-shape your present mindset to start rebuilding a life that you truly want to live, where you will find a greater ability to cope and starting seeing the joy again in life.

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