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Calm Sea

1 to 1 Sessions


My therapy sessions will therefore include an explanation of how our brain works and why we feel the way we do. I will also guide you with positive and solution oriented questioning, allowing you to see potential solutions and set exciting goals to work towards.

In addition to this, I will also have the significant benefit of using hypnosis that will enable you to allow your mind to relax and focus on thoughts and suggestions that may be useful in helping you progress forward.

Overall, my sessions will enable you to feel motivated and inspired to gain access to the solutions that you need in order to return to your true authentic self. You will also have the opportunity to relax and have a dedicated hour where you are focusing on what is important for you to be free from the problem or issue you currently face.


Sessions are carried out on a weekly basis and are delivered online or in person depending on your preference and location.

Treatment duration will be on average over a course of 8-12 sessions however, each individual case is different and some clients may require less or more sessions depending on their requirements.

Please get in touch below. 

During 1-1 sessions, I will be using practical, structured and scientifically proven strategies to help you access a constant flow of Serotonin in your life to empower you to become your true authentic self.

Essentially, I will be looking at what you would like to achieve (the solution) rather than what prompted you to seek help (the problem). 1-1 sessions provide a focus on the present and the future you aspire to. Within the sessions you will start to visualise what this will look and feel like and start to make impactful and positive changes in your life to achieve your preferred future.

At the heart of my practice the focus will be on solution finding and focusing on the positive aspects of your life to enable a shift in perspective as well as the ability to improve sleep patterns and relax more.

Therapy Session
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