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"Live Your Life as Though Everything is Rigged in Your Favour" (Rumi). The Power of Positive Thought

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

How often in life have we questioned ourselves saying “why me” or never understood why “bad things” kept happening to us – but when we look back and reflect on this was it really a bad thing or was it something that had to happen to shape us into the person we are today.

We have all suffered loss, heartbreak, trauma, stress in our lives and sometimes when we are going through these especially as we approach holidays like Christmas it is often hard to see the positive in these experiences.

However, when we truly look back on these events these are the events that shaped us and molded us, helped us to become more resilient, more stronger, saved us from a relationship that was not good for us and directed us to a new and happier life. These events remind us that change is inevitable in life, it is something that we all experience something that connects us all as human beings. It creates empathy, compassion and kindness to others as well as the knowledge that nothing in life is permanent and whether for the good or bad emotions and feelings everything always comes to pass.

Although hardships and events in our lives can be traumatic it shakes up stagnant aspects of our lives, challenges our beliefs and can often serve as the best wake-up call we are going to get. It’s a chance to rebuild and live a life and be the person you are truly meant to be and finally be awakened to life instead of living and merely surviving it on auto pilot.

However, sometimes it takes a while to see this. If we are still stuck in a negative cycle and are unable to stop these feelings of sadness and anxiety, perhaps depression then it is important to know that there is a way through. I will aim to show you this through my Serotonin Solutions practice either by meeting with me online or in person on a 1-1 basis, or on my workshops or by reading my blogs and online information. This way through is not as complicated as you may think, instead it is a series of small daily steps. These steps help you become more solutions focused developing a more positive mindset that will in a relatively short space of time empower you to lead the life you truly want and become your true authentic self.

The first step forward begins with our thoughts, as positive thoughts trigger our emotions which results in the release of “rest and digest” hormones such as serotonin and endorphins (Parasympathetic Nervous System). When we re-balance our body, reducing stress hormones and increasing our serotonin levels we then become motivated into making positive choices that then result become our new positive behaviours and actions.

If we start living our lives the way Rumi has quoted: as if everything is rigged in our favour, we will start to see that everything happens for a reason. There is a greater story bigger than us that is unfolding; all we need to do is to take the first step forward moving away from our negative cycle. Once we take that leap of faith and maintain the positive mindset that life is rigged in our favour the next step will then open up to us also….one step and one day at a time….always.

So how can we start this practice of having these positive thoughts?

Having a positive mindset often originates with gratitude, since beginning my gratitude practice a few years ago my life has changed enormously it truly is a game changer. If we can begin our day with a gratitude practice the first thing in the morning, it could completely change the outcome of our day ahead. Before we reach for our phones to scroll social media emails alerts etc. take a breath and think of three things we are grateful for.

This can be brought right back to being grateful that we have woken up and get to live for another day…there are 150,000 people who do not get this chance today (World Economic Forum). The second can be something like having the health to enjoy the day or perhaps you had a good sleep, or perhaps you have a roof over your head or that your children are happy and safe – this can be as small or as big as you like, it is all down to your personal choice.

By doing this alone we are starting to take back control of our stress response (Sympathetic Nervous System). We are informing our brain that everything is fine and we are not in any danger which results in the reduction of stress hormones such a cortisol running through our body. Instead we receive an influx of Serotonin which is a coping mechanism that helps us feel motivated, more calm and even helps in our ability to manage pain. So this simple step in beginning your day with a gratitude practice can have significant results in your over all physical and mental well being.

So as we are in the midst of holiday season what better time to try this practice and see the change that it can bring to your daily routine and as you go through the day remember the opening quote “Live your life as if everything is rigged in your favour” and see the difference it can make.

In my next blog I will be developing more on the concept of positive thoughts. I will explain how we have the inherent ability to rewire our brain by challenging our current mind set and limiting beliefs that we may have that are holding us back from the lives that we are truly meant to live.

However, in the meantime, I would like to wish you a very happy, peaceful and safe holiday season and I look forward to engaging with you all both online and in person through my therapy sessions, workshops and upcoming positive mindset events in 2021.

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